Pick n Pay: Spiderman Party (02.08.2012)

Sam will show us how to decorate a table in the spiderman theme.
The table will already be set and she will merely do some finishing touches.
Sam will demonstrate how to make the candy floss floats and put together the Spiderman gift bags for the party setting.

How to get started with setting up your own themed party:
• Start with sourcing everything you can find in blue and red, from tablecloths to plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery – red and blue plastic spoons are ideal. Anything red and blue goes!
• Choose sweets, biscuits, chips in these colours – sometimes you will have to sort through the packet! Red jelly is a must, set in small containers or espresso cups.
• Use kebab sticks for marshmallows, strawberries and red jelly sweets.
• Add red and blue funky straws for cool drinks, and add these great Spiderman water bottles for each child.
• Create a city scene on one wall of the party area. You can draw this onto white or brown paper, sticking the pieces of large paper together to form the city scene. Let the kids colour it in as part one of the party activity.
• Hang a Spiderman banner above the doorway that reads “Lookout! Spiderman Party!”
• Scatter plastic red, blue and black spiders on all tables and windowsills.
• Make ‘Pow’ signs and have Spiderman costumes, masks and accessories for photographs.

Party Pack Ideas
• Send your guests home feeling like real super heroes with party packs that fit the Spiderman theme.
• Smarten up brown paper bags with red and blue ribbons and Spiderman decals.
• Give one large treat, such as these water bottles or a Spiderman comic book, and collect smaller items like stickers, bubbles, a Spiderman mask, colouring books, bouncy balls, pens, toy spiders, and candy to fill the party pack bag.

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